Festive gift guide

30th November 2018 by Newquay Zoo

‘What do I get my nearest and dearest?’ you say? Well we’ve got a few fantastic festive ideas for any animal lover out there!

A small fish with a big benefit

27th November 2018 by Living Coasts

Living Coasts has a new species in the aquarium

The tragedy of palm oil

23rd November 2018 by Paignton Zoo

What is palm oil anyway?

A day in the life of: a hoof stock keeper

23rd November 2018 by Newquay Zoo

This month we focus upon our hoof stock department – which some of you may be surprised to know that this department looks after some of the most dangerous animals we have here!

How to make friends and influence penguins

8th November 2018 by Living Coasts

Find out how our African penguin chick is getting on…

Firework awareness

2nd November 2018 by Newquay Zoo

Bonfire night is just around the corner. So, here a few tips and guidelines to make sure that your animals are kept safe during Guy Fawkes night.

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