Stunning oriental white storks go on-show

30th September 2020 by bwm

Paignton Zoo is home to the UK’s only pair of oriental white storks (Ciconia boyciana), which are now on-show in the large aviary opposite the entrance to the spider monkey and red panda exhibits. This species is today only endemic to parts of Japan, southeast China and Siberia in Russia. The female stork has been at […]

Find out all about our gorillas!

24th September 2020 by bwm

To celebrate and raise awareness of World Gorilla Day on Thursday 24th September, we have put together a short blog so that you can learn more about our incredible Western lowland gorillas here at the zoo. Part of the great ape family, along with orang-utans, bonobos and chimpanzees, gorillas are some of our closest animal […]

Rare red panda born at Newquay Zoo

16th September 2020 by Newquay Zoo

A red panda was born at Newquay Zoo on 15th June while the zoo was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The panda is a female and has been named Emma. Her parents are ‘Germaine’, dad, who is 9 and born at Krefeld Zoo, Germany and mum ‘Zou’ who was born at Asson Zoo, France […]

Swamp wallabies bouncing in to their new home…

16th September 2020 by bwm

After arriving on Friday 4th September, Paignton Zoo is now home to a new species – swamp wallabies. The only living species of the Wallabia genus and closely resembling kangaroos, this small marsupial has dark brown fur, with lighter rusty markings on the belly, chest and base of the ears. As with many marsupials, this species is […]

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