Love Your Zoo Week

28th May 2021 by Paignton Zoo

This week is BIAZA’s Love Your Zoo week!

Love Your Zoo Week

28th May 2021 by Newquay Zoo

This week is BIAZA’s Love Your Zoo Week!

13 of the UKs Extinct and Lost Species

26th May 2021 by Paignton Zoo

Biodiversity is a term thrown around a lot by conservationist and conservation charities like Wild Planet Trust, but what does it actually mean? Well biodiversity reflects the number, variety and variability of living things. It includes diversity within species, between species and among ecosystems.

Roadrunner chick fledges at Paignton Zoo

25th May 2021 by bwm

Paignton Zoo is celebrating a very important, breeding success this Spring with the arrival of a roadrunner chick. When the word ‘roadrunner’ is mentioned, many people of a certain generation will think of the popular Looney Tunes cartoons. However, in the non-cartoon world this term refers to the ‘Californian earth-cuckoo’ – better known as the […]

Eggs-citing news at Newquay Zoo!

20th May 2021 by Newquay Zoo

A Humboldt penguin chick has hatched at Newquay Zoo. The chick hatched on Thursday 22nd April to parents Robin and Ringo. Keepers at Newquay Zoo are unable to sex the chick as of yet as they remain in their burrow for the first 8 weeks of their life, with both mum and dad sharing parenting […]

Building a buzz at Paignton Zoo

20th May 2021 by bwm

On this, World Bee Day, Paignton Zoo is delighted to announce that they are working with local property business agents Bettesworths to support and protect bees. With Bettesworths’ support, we have been able to install four brand new, custom-built bee hotels. Solitary bees and other pollinators are a big part of our local wildlife and […]

Paignton Zoo opens indoor exhibits & welcomes Kevin Foster MP

17th May 2021 by bwm

The zoo was pleased to welcome Kevin Foster MP on Monday. He spent time walking around the site and seeing some of the indoor exhibits and the changes that have taken place across the zoo. Words from Kevin: “I am delighted the majority of Paignton Zoo’s indoor attractions have been able to re-open on Monday, […]

Tropical Trails & Tribulations

14th May 2021 by bwm

It’s been 35 days since Paignton Zoo has been able to welcome guests after re-opening following the end of UK’s third national lockdown, and both the humans and animals of the zoo are excited to see you again. As this phased lockdown easing continues, we are now able to re-open the majority of our indoor exhibits […]

Connecting with Nature – Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

12th May 2021 by bwm

The theme for Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, running from 10th to 16th May, is ‘Connecting with Nature’. With many distractions in daily life, it is extremely important that people take time out to enjoy and concentrate on themselves. Connect – Busy work lives can sometimes get in the way of quality time with your loved […]

New newts from Newquay!

7th May 2021 by bwm

The team at Paignton Zoo are looking to forward to hopefully being able to re-open indoor animal houses and exhibits from 17th May, in line with the Government Covid roadmap plans.A lot of work has been going on in our LVI (Lower Vertebrates & Invertebrates) department, including in Amphibian Ark, located in the centre of […]

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