Zebra foal born at Paignton Zoo

28th June 2021 by bwm

A female zebra foal was born at Paignton Zoo on Friday 18th June to parents Taru and Jabili. Nineteen year old mum Taru was also born at Paignton Zoo, and first time dad, 5 year old Jabali arrived at Paignton Zoo from Blackpool Zoo in December 2019. Lisa Britton, Curator of Mammals at Paignton Zoo […]

Capuchin monkey born at the zoo!

24th June 2021 by Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo has recently celebrated the birth of a white-throated capuchin; a primate native to the tropical forests of Central and South America. The zoo is home to a small family of white-throated capuchins; Irazu (mum), Zaito (dad), their offspring Benito, who was born back in 2017, Baru, who was born back in 2019, and […]

African Lion Exhibit receives a makeover

1st June 2021 by Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo’s pride of African lions have recently received a makeover – five brand new wooden platforms in their outdoor enclosure. The process of redevelopment began back in April, when the decision was made that the original lion platforms needed upgrading. A plan was devised between the Zoo’s Animal Keeping and Maintenance team to ensure […]

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