Have you ever seen a dik-dik?

30th September 2021 by bwm

Many animals can honk or roar, but only a dik-dik can dik-dik. Three of these tiny antelopes, which get their name from the noise they make when startled, have recently arrived at Paignton Zoo and can be seen in their new home near Baboon Rock. As well as being a great example of onomatopoeia, dik-dik […]

Sponsored walk for seagrass

10th September 2021 by Dani Parsons

During the summer holidays, Samson Spooner, age 8 from Torquay, completed a sponsored walk to raise money for Wild Planet Trust and their vital seagrass conservation work. Wild Planet Trust’s ‘Save our Seagrass’ project works with a team of volunteers to survey and monitor seagrass beds along the South West coastline. Samson, who is an […]

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