Tree works on site

28th January 2022 by bwm

We are having some work done on the trees in Brookside next week, specifically the ash trees that are deteriorating due to ash dieback. The condition of these trees has been under close inspection for many years now, and with the additional impact of ash dieback, their safe life expectancy has been greatly shortened. Since […]

Giving new keepers a kick-start

25th January 2022 by Varshana Trudgian

Our zoos – Paignton and Newquay – are providing 13 young people with an amazing opportunity to kick-start their careers in zookeeping. As part of the Government’s Kickstart Scheme, Paignton Zoo has taken on nine assistants and Newquay Zoo has taken on four, giving them a full introduction into the world of animal management. The […]

January Closure: Week 2 update

22nd January 2022 by bwm

As our 2 week closure comes to an end, many of you may have heard about a particularly noteworthy development – the departure of the Jungle Express railway. Further detail on this momentous event can be found elsewhere on our website. Our new entrance path which leads to the tigers and into the rest of […]

The Jungle Express is now departing…

21st January 2022 by bwm

Final call for Paignton Zoo’s Jungle Express Paignton Zoo’s miniature railway, the Jungle Express, has departed for the final time. Visitors in the last year will have noticed that the train has not been running, and we have decided that the time has come to bid farewell to an attraction that has been a popular […]

Newquay Zoo welcomes an adorable new antelope

17th January 2022 by Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo has added a new nyala antelope to its herd. The female calf was born to parents Arnold and Arya last month and she has been named Nadja, which means ‘hope’. Nyala antelope are shy animals that inhabit areas of dense thicket and forest in southern parts of Africa. They are herbivores, meaning that […]

January Closure: Week 1 update

14th January 2022 by bwm

As we approach the end of our first closure week, we thought we’d update you on what we’ve been up to. Our teams have been incredibly busy and although our zoos are currently empty of visitors, they certainly haven’t been empty of activity. One of the first things that visitors to Paignton Zoo will notice […]

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