Have you visited Primley yet? If not you’re missing out and Dave is here to tell you why…

28th June 2022 by Kat Sobey

Who is Dave? Dave is responsible for looking after some of the various conservation sites that are owned and managed by Wild Planet Trust including Clennon Gorge and Primley which are two nature reserves located right here in Paignton. What is Primley? Primley is a nature reserve that has been open to the public since […]

Newquay Zoos civets participate in ground-breaking research

28th June 2022 by Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo’s Owston’s civets are leading the way in a ground-breaking reproductive project to learn more about these rare and mysterious animals. Owston’s civets are Endangered in the wild, and so elusive that very little is known about them. The new research involving Newquay Zoo’s civet population will help to shed more light on the […]

Paignton Zoo take part in reintroduction of rare hazel dormice

24th June 2022 by Paignton Zoo

With big eyes, golden fur and a fluffy tail, the distinctive hazel dormouse is a small mammal native to the British Isles that’s vulnerable to extinction. Due to milder winters and continued loss of woodlands and hedgerows, the UK population of these nocturnal rodents has halved since 2000 and continues to decline. Paignton Zoo and […]

Joy as endangered warty pigs born at Newquay Zoo

23rd June 2022 by Newquay Zoo

Female Visayan warty pig, May – one of the rarest animals at Newquay Zoo – has just given birth to two piglets. She and the father, who is called Randy, are part of a breeding programme that’s helping to boost the ex-situ population of Visayan warty pigs across the world due to their Critically Endangered […]

Triple trouble for Newquay Zoo with arrival of three rare lemur pups

16th June 2022 by Newquay Zoo

Our family of black and white ruffed lemurs has almost doubled overnight with the arrival of triplets. The babies, known as pups, were born in late April, but have only just been spotted coming out of their house. They are now enjoying exploring Lemur Island, where they live with parents Yhoda and Bary, as well […]

Meet the volunteer: Kim

7th June 2022 by Paignton Zoo

To celebrate Volunteers’ Week, we’re delighted to share a blog written by one of our volunteers, Kim, about how she came to volunteer here at Paignton Zoo. I’ve been volunteering at the Zoo now for 4.5 years, and for those that see me walking around but are not quite sure what I do, I wanted […]

A day at the zoo in ‘52

2nd June 2022 by Paignton Zoo

With the eyes of the nation on Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we take a 70-year step backwards in time to take a look at what a day at Paignton Zoo would have looked like in 1952… Paignton Zoo celebrates its centenary next year, so in 1952 it had already been open for an […]

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