Flying Tigers meet Sumatran tigers for World Tiger Day

29th July 2022 by Paignton Zoo

Friday 29th July 2022 marks World Tiger Day and due to the populations of tigers becoming increasingly under threat, raising awareness of their plight has never been so important. Paignton Zoo is home to two Sumatran tigers which are Critically Endangered in the wild. On the run up to World Tiger Day the tigers were […]

Time to say farewell to Yali, Paignton Zoo’s Asiatic lion

28th July 2022 by bwm

Paignton Zoo’s male Asiatic lion called Yali will soon be leaving his Devon home to join his new female partner at Fota Wildlife Park in the Republic of Ireland. Yali, who was born at Paignton Zoo in 2016, is part of an international breeding programme designed to protect and preserve the species which is officially […]

Tor Bay’s seagrass mooring buoys receive Royal attention

20th July 2022 by Dani Parsons

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall visited Torquay’s historic Torre Abbey on Wednesday 20 July and learnt about Tor Bay’s seagrass mooring buoys which have been installed to help protect extraordinary and endangered seagrass meadows from dropped anchors. Seagrass is a critically endangered habitat and nine seagrass beds, estimated to be […]

Endangered bird takes flight in Singapore move

20th July 2022 by Paignton Zoo

For the first time in almost two years, Paignton Zoo has moved one of its animals internationally as part of a breeding programme. The wrinkled hornbill, an Endangered species of bird, moved to Jurong Bird Park, Singapore, this week after more than a year of preparations. Steve Nash, Head of Campaigns and Programmes said: “As […]

Rare pheasant chick hatched at Paignton Zoo

20th July 2022 by Paignton Zoo

Paignton Zoo’s bird team are pleased to announce the successful hatching of a Rothschild’s peacock pheasant. With less than 60 individuals of the species in zoos worldwide, the new chick marks an important arrival for the breeding programmes of this elusive bird, classified as Vulnerable in the wild. Zoo goers will need patience and a […]

Miles's Robber Frog. Credit: Tom Brown.

Hundreds of ‘lost’ species identified in new research

7th July 2022 by Dani Parsons

Bramble Cay melomys, golden toads, Tasmanian tigers, Caribbean monk seals and, of course, the dodo. These are all species that we know to be extinct – as far as scientists know, the last individual of the species has died. But what about the likes of Sir David’s long-beaked echidna, that hasn’t been seen in 61 […]

Newquay Zoo to host the 8th UK and Ireland Regional Environment Enrichment Conference

5th July 2022 by Varshana Trudgian

Newquay Zoo in Cornwall will be the location for the 8th UK and Ireland Regional Environment Enrichment Conference (REEC 2022), which will take place from Sunday, 11 September to Wednesday, 14 September. The conference will provide animal carers from across the UK and Ireland to meet and discuss environmental enrichments for a range of different […]

Newquay Zoos civets participate in ground-breaking research

28th June 2022 by Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo’s Owston’s civets are leading the way in a ground-breaking reproductive project to learn more about these rare and mysterious animals. Owston’s civets are Endangered in the wild, and so elusive that very little is known about them. The new research involving Newquay Zoo’s civet population will help to shed more light on the […]

Paignton Zoo take part in reintroduction of rare hazel dormice

24th June 2022 by Paignton Zoo

With big eyes, golden fur and a fluffy tail, the distinctive hazel dormouse is a small mammal native to the British Isles that’s vulnerable to extinction. Due to milder winters and continued loss of woodlands and hedgerows, the UK population of these nocturnal rodents has halved since 2000 and continues to decline. Paignton Zoo and […]

Joy as endangered warty pigs born at Newquay Zoo

23rd June 2022 by Newquay Zoo

Female Visayan warty pig, May – one of the rarest animals at Newquay Zoo – has just given birth to two piglets. She and the father, who is called Randy, are part of a breeding programme that’s helping to boost the ex-situ population of Visayan warty pigs across the world due to their Critically Endangered […]

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