Exclusive Annual Pass Holder Days

18th March 2021 by Paignton Zoo

We’re reopening our doors and the first two days are exclusive to Annual Pass Holders!

Goeldi’s monkey born at the zoo

11th February 2021 by Paignton Zoo

Our lockdown arrival is certainly very small and very cute!

Paignton Zoo is bringing the zoo to you

8th February 2021 by Paignton Zoo

Paignton Zoo has been overjoyed with the level of response they have received from their online lessons designed to aid teachers and parents with home schooling.

Will Week 2021

8th January 2021 by Paignton Zoo

Make a Will online and donate to Wild Planet Trust

Paignton Zoo’s gorillas are helping to celebrate Giving Tuesday by painting!

19th November 2020 by Paignton Zoo

Tuesday 1st December 2020 is ‘Giving Tuesday’.

Support us this Giving Tuesday

11th November 2020 by Wild Planet Trust

Taking place on 1st December 2020, Giving Tuesday is a day dedicated to charities, like Wild Planet Trust zoos – Paignton and Newquay Zoos. It is a day of generosity and giving back, to balance the heady mass consumerism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to support good causes. The Giving Tuesday global campaign has […]

Lockdown 2.0 – A word from our Executive Director

10th November 2020 by Wild Planet Trust

Wild Planet Trust Chief Executive Director Simon Tonge updates us on where the zoo is at and what ‘Lockdown 2.0’ means for the organisation… “Here we go again…”  we all, no doubt, thought as the Prime Minister divulged the world’s worst kept secret to us on the evening of 31st October, and a new English […]

The Problem of Plastic Pollution

4th November 2020 by Paignton Zoo

Once humanity learnt how to turn brown sticky goo into plastic, this cheap, sterile, convenient and revolutionary new invention changed our lives. This wonder of technology though, got a little out of hand. It’s needless to say that plastic has saturated our environment, it has found its way into the food chain and has worked […]

Oriental stork

Stunning storks on show

27th October 2020 by Wild Planet Trust

A very special pair of birds have moved home at Paignton Zoo and can now be spotted by guests. Paignton Zoo is home to the UK’s only pair of oriental white storks (Ciconia boyciana), which are now on-show in the large aviary opposite the entrance to the spider monkey and red panda exhibits. This species […]

Paignton and Newquay Zoos to re-open

23rd June 2020 by Pippa Craddock

Wild Planet Trust is delighted to announce that we will re-open its zoos doors to guests shortly. Newquay Zoo will re-open on Monday 29th June and Paignton on Monday 6th July. We have been working hard over the last few weeks to ensure that the zoos are safe places to visit. Things will be a […]

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