The Vietnamese pheasant (Lophura edwardsi) is a Critically Endangered bird species. The survival of the species is severely threatened from deforestation and hunting, with no record of the species in the wild since 2000. There is limited knowledge on the behavioural repertoire of the species and little research has been published. The Action Plan for the Conservation of Edwards’s Pheasant (2015-2020) states that further research is required to fill these knowledge gaps if reintroduction of captive individuals back into the wild is to be successful. Research into breeding behaviours and the process of chick rearing in captive pairs housed at Paignton Zoo has identified potential behaviours indicating the onset of breeding. Findings will help to inform our in situ partners in captive husbandry, to encourage successful breeding in their home range.

Project team

Andrew Bowkett, Paignton Zoo
Jo Gregson, Paignton Zoo


D’Souza, J., Bowkett, A. and Smallbones, P. 2018. Breeding and studying the critically endangered Edwards’s pheasant at Paignton Zoo, United Kingdom. AZA Galliformes TAG Newsletter, January 2018.

Skelton, M., Gregson, J., D’Souza, J., Bhatia, N. and Bowkett, A.E. 2018. Extinct in the wild? Investigating parent rearing and breeding behaviours in the critically endangered Edwards’s pheasant in captivity. 20th Annual BIAZA Research Conference, Paignton Zoo, UK.

D’Souza, J., Gregson, J., Bhatia, N. and Bowkett, A.E. 2017. Pheasants on film: observing the reproductive behaviour of captive Edwards’s pheasants to guide potential reintroduction. 19th Annual BIAZA Research Conference, RZSS Edinburgh Zoo, UK.

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